Dr. Almeyda is a renowned figure in the world of plastic surgery in NYC. Dedicated to aesthetic surgery of the face, breasts and body, Dr. Almeyda is attentive to her patients’ emotions as well as their physical goals. This is a critical quality in a plastic surgeon because each individual has unique desires when it comes to their appearance.

Beauty is quite subjective. Just think of the question, What does he see in her? It’s a question we have all heard many times before. We cannot know what anyone sees, or how what they see is interpreted. This suggests the crucial role of communication in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. In order to be satisfied with the results, your message must get through. Otherwise, your new look will only approximate the vision you hold so dear.

As a woman, Dr. Almeyda has a unique perspective to offer female patients. She is a mother as well, and understands the concerns, insecurities, and goals women have with their bodies and when considering plastic surgery. Her expertise is a rarity in cosmetic surgery in NYC considering the preponderance of male doctors in practice.

Elizabeth Almeyda, MD, FACS, understands how you feel on the inside about how you look on the outside. Her goal is to accurately express your individual vision of beauty, and her skills provide an experience with cosmetic surgery in NYC that is completely responsive to your desires as an individual.

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